Arcade Games

Shoot some zombies or play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game. We’ve got your favorite games ranging from the latest released video games to classic arcade games.


Cool Prizes

Players earnings will be stored as E-Tickets on their Play Card directly after gameplay, which is also used to redeem prizes. The value on each Play Card never expires. Play, rest, repeat!

Arcade Pricing

Great place to have fun both kids and adults

Arcades are modern clean place

A fun place that can keep your kids busy for hours

Plenty of arcade games for all ages. There are many multiplayer games as well. There is also a Go kart and Virtual Reality.

chicago indoor arcade



How you can play and redeem prizes.

E-Tickets will be stored directly onto the card after gameplay. To redeem prizes, players will give their card to the staff member at the store who will tell them their ticket amount. Players can then walk into the store, grab any prize, and bring it back to the staff. If a player is short of redeeming their prize of choice, they can always reload The Play Card at any time.
Credits can be loaded on Play Cards. The value on each Play Card never expires.