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Why Electric Go Kart Racing Is Fun

Indoor go kart racing is both fun and educative for children of all ages. Our go karts are powered by a mixture of adrenaline and excited laughs. They have electric engines (read instant torque) that makes them environment and driver friendly.

1. You Can Drive Indoor Go Karts All Year Long


Chicago weather is capricious to say the least. Our 6,000 sq. ft. indoor racing track fears no snow, storm, sweltering temperatures, high winds or other kind of gloom and doom. The entire family entertainment center is air conditioned, clean and our concession area offers a wide variety of tasty refreshments.

2. Electric Go Karts Are Fun

Here are a couple of reasons why:


  • Kart responses to commands are fast
  • The build of the kart and the driver’s position closer to the ground give an impression of speed

3. Indoor Karts Are Safe


We have tested every curve and driven every go-kart in a tightly controlled environment. Also, we have put together a very strict set of requirements meant to ensure everyone’s safety.

Electrical engines also means that there are no harsh fumes to breathe and the driving activity is very smooth.

4. Go-Karting Is Suitable For All Ages


Even we cannot refrain from making race car noises while we are testing the karts. Come over and you will see people of all ages riding the karts, from the youngest riders (starting with 3 years/36 inches), teenagers and college students to parents and grandparents.

In fact, go kart racing is very good team building activity and can be used to bring your family closer together, along with other similar activities.

5. Karts Train Motor Skills & Strengthen Reflexes


They safely teach younger drivers and riders the importance of coordinating their movements and teach them a few safety rules in a 100% controlled environment.

Controlling the kart while paying attention to the surroundings can help develop focus for children and teaches them how to prioritize safety when needed.

6. Our Karts Are Easy To Drive


Go-karting requires no previous experience and can, in fact, be a very entertaining activity for first time drivers. The karts themselves are new and offer smooth rides.

You will see only smiling, excited faces, eager to go for another lap.


7. A Few Laps Can Boost Your Confidence


All drivers, not only winners get a confidence boost at the end of the race. Manipulating the kart along the track, navigating the curves and controlling the speed of the kart can give participants a renewed and most welcome increase in confidence.

Go Kart Pricing


Our 6,000 ft track is also one of the most affordable. The pricing is simple, it costs $7/ride. You can also get go kart racing as one of the attractions included in a birthday party package. And if you need to take a pit stop just for a few minutes, our family entertainment center offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family, such as arcade, nail salon, laser tag, sports bar, yummy concession stand and more.

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  • What is the age requirement ri drive ti go karts?

  • Hey,

    I just wanted to say that I completely agree with your article on why electric go-kart racing is so much fun. Your points about being able to enjoy the activity all year round and the safety measures that are in place definitely make it an attractive option for families with children of all ages.

    I also appreciate how you highlighted the fact that go-kart racing can be a great team-building activity and a way to bring families closer together. It’s always nice to find an activity that can be enjoyed by multiple generations and encourages everyone to work together towards a common goal.

    Lastly, I love that your pricing is so affordable and that there are other activities available for families to enjoy while taking a break from the go-kart racing. It’s always nice to have options and be able to customize an experience based on your family’s preferences.

    Overall, I can’t wait to visit your family entertainment center and try out the go-kart racing for myself. Thank you for sharing all of the great reasons why it’s such a fun activity!

    Best regards,

    Charles Godfrey,
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