How To Plan Events In 2022

Events bring people together so that they can learn, celebrate, discuss or even meet. People will leave the comfort of their homes to attend an event but why must they go all the way?  Why must they stop what they are doing and come to your event?

People attend events for different reasons and everyone has their own expectations. These expectations are what generate the need to be well prepared to hold an event. It all lies in the organization hence the need to know how to plan event.

How To Plan An Event To The Tee

Play and Spin is one of the most fun event venues in the Chicago area. Our facility can accommodate successful events, from the professional presentation to the fun, team building activities after – games, arcade, laser tag, sports bar, go karts, live performance area and more.

1.   Understand the event’s purpose

The first order of business is to understand the reason for the event. The attendees are thirsty for a unique experience. A good experience is one that is aligned with the event’s purpose. You will have to discuss this with your clients or stakeholders so that you start on the right path.

2.   Find Out Who Is Attending

The next thing you would have expected is the budget but how can you plan without knowing who is coming?  How does this information cater to event organization? Well, different attendees have different personalities, preferences, and expectations. If you will be dealing with high profile attendees then your budget will be on a higher side.

You will also need to know who is coming so that you can know the total number and straighten the logistics like food and seats.

For small events, knowing the attendees beforehand enables the planner to put together an effective guest list.

3.   Budgeting

Now that you know why your clients are hosting an event and who is coming, it is time you decide what your budget is going to be. Vision can only be translated into tangible results with the right amount of resources. Some of the things that should be included in your budget are:

  • Logistics, for instance, the venue, the staff and maybe even transportation
  • Necessities like music,  food and drinks
  • Amenities
  • Additional expenditure just in case you require to change something

Now you can justify your budget to your clients and partners. Ensure that you have mapped out every detail since what you have down on paper will have a great bearing on how the event organization takes place.

4.   Finding Your Venue

When it comes to how to organize an event, a great venue can increase event attendance by 80%. The venue will determine your success in terms of delivery and how the guests engage with one another. Luckily enough, if you are looking for corporate event venues Chicago and its surroundings, there are plenty of event spaces to hire. The best ones are indoor entertainment centers since you will not be limited by the weather. There are a few questions you should have in mind when looking for a venue to book:

  • How much space do you need?
  • What amenities are offered?
  • What audiovisual equipment is offered?
  • Does the venue work in partnership with a catering company?
  • What is the security policy?
  • Is the venue easily reachable for everyone ?
  • How close is the venue to several hotels?

Good corporate event venues in Chicago are located strategically. Play and Spin is only 15 minutes away from O’Hare, 20 minutes away from Northwestern University, just North of the city of Chicago.

Play And Spin Amusement Park

Our venue is also suitable for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Graduations
  • Proms
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s
  • Field trips
  • Campers

Let’s say you want to plan a prom and you will be inviting a good number of guests. As one of the best event space in Chicago area, Play and Spin offers you the following:

  • A large party & event hall
  • A concession area with good food
  • Plenty of game space for riding on go-karts, playing laser tag or arcade games
  • Virtual reality games
  • The adults can head on to the sports bar in the venue

Now that’s a total package that you can settle for and so the next thing to do is to discuss the rates, dates and the space you actually need.

5.   Get Your Team Together

If your event is small in nature, then you can manage it but corporate events are another thing altogether. You will definitely need an extra pair of hands to get the show going. You are the director and you should delegate responsibilities according to an individual’s or team’s ability. Before delegating, you will have to do your due diligence and only get the best.

If you are planning a regular party at Play and Spin, you will need:

  • 10 attendants minimum, 300 maximum
  • a date, booked well in advance, just to make sure that there is availability, especially in the weekends

Things might just get bigger with a corporate event. You will probably need one or more of the following:

  • Program administrators
  • A photographer and/or videographer
  • Catering team
  • Decorator
  • DJ or sound system technician
  • A program – make it clear to the attendees what they can expect

Play and Spin can help you put together all the things above, or at least recommend our preferred, proven vendors.

Your team is also made up of the partners and vendors who you will be working with. If you were wondering how to organize an event successfully is by a well calculated delegation of duties.

6.   Send Out The Invitations

An invitation is only complete when you have settled on a venue. Do not jump the gun. Once you are certain that the venue is yours, when you want it, then go ahead and start telling your guests.

7.   Developing The Flow

What are the main ideas you want the attendees to take home with them from the event? How will the speakers navigate the topics? Who will handle what? Is there an ice breaker, a presenter? As we said before, you need to have a well established program of how things will go.

8.   Announcing The Event

Going back to the prom, it requires advanced notice to everyone and, in this case, you need to send out invitation cards or even make phone calls. When it comes to corporate events, a greater degree of creating awareness is required.

The first step is to create a vision that will be integrated into your event theme and purpose. You will then build a marketing campaign around this. The campaign should highlight the goals that attendees will achieve on attending.

The next mode of action is using as many channels as you can to spread the word.  Social media works really well here.

9.   Come Up With A Plan On How You Will Expand Your Network With The Attendees

As dry as it sounds, everyone attending an event is a walking billboard.

What you say and do will be used to your advantage or detriment. You will need to befriend them. You can plan on giving away some items like books, pens and gift bags that have company information or logos. This way, whenever they use that item, your client’s business comes to mind.

Another fantastic way to boost your network and gather feedback is by sending out surveys so as to gauge the success of the event and what could have been done better.

Play And Spin Events

Events at our venue are truly awesome:

sold out show

One of the Best family friendly New Years Eve Parties!

David M., Local Guide

There is a reason why people say we are one of the most fun places to host your event.


Now that you know how to organize an event, go ahead and start planning for your next one, note that people don’t remember what you said but they do recall how you made them feel. So, go ahead and make it an event they will relive in their hearts and minds, or perhaps use yours as a benchmark for every other one they attend.


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