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Make Your Kids Birthday Party Lots Of Fun

Booking a birthday party place is a good idea for most parents that are looking to put together an awesome celebration for their child, but do not want to deal with the hassle of organizing it at home.

There is a constant growth in the number of parents that use a venue to host their kid's birthday party. The reasons for this are plentiful:

  • no clean up is necessary afterwards
  • your house will still be standing after the party, along with your favorite china
  • instead of working, you can socialize and have fun with the other parents
  • there are many entertaining activities for your child and for yourself to choose from
  • after considering all the work, driving around it might be quite cheaper than doing it at home

Play And Spin Kids Birthday Party

Parties at our venue are truly awesome:

Had my sons surprise 14th birthday party here. The staff is 5 star all the way around and the manager, Christi I believe was her name, was the most professional I've seen in a long time. Her and the staff there are nothing short of excellent in customer service. Tatiana was our party planner and she was fabulous! Everyone from the front door to the private party rooms, event planners, food court and gift shop are ALL superb. They provided a decorated cake as part of the deal we purchased and because there was a helium shortage in our area, they blew up all of the balloons for our party. Very sanitary and clean place throughout as well. My interaction with Christi sealed the deal with making Play and Spin my choice for my sons birthday and I would do it again. We definitely will be returning.

Amanda R.

There is a reason why people say we are one of the most fun places to host your celebration.

Laser Tag Parties

Starting with the orange birthday package and up, you can choose laser tag as one of your 2+ attractions.

Send your kids on a mission to have fun while tagging the other team through a maze of walls and a mesmerizing light show.

Go Kart Birthday Parties

Go Karts are the second attraction that can be chosen as part of a birthday party. Enjoy our 6,000 ft track and experience the adrenaline as you go neck to neck with your opponents.

Fun For All Ages

Play and Spin is one of the most diverse birthday party venues. We have something to offer to everyone, no matter their age:

  • a sports bar for mom & dad
  • VR games for everyone
  • a toddler play area
  • delicious food and great customer service to seal the deal

How To Choose A Birthday Party Venue

Choosing a birthday place can be a daunting task if you do not have a set of well defined criteria. Hopefully, your chosen venue will force you to do little to no compromises.

What Are The Birthday Child’s Preferences?

The preferred games and activities vary from child to child. You should talk to them to see which one of the birthday packages fits them best.

Leave Enough Time For Yourself To Make A Decision

The sweet-spot for sending out the birthday invitations is between 3-5 weeks. The reason for that is simple:

  • if you send them out too far in advance, parents may forget about them or about confirming attendance
  • if you send the invitations just before the birthday party, your guests may have already made other plans

By the time you send out the invitation, the birthday venue should already be booked, of course.

Think About The Other Parents

Ask yourself what the adults will do. Is there enough room for everyone to be able to socialize comfortably? Does the venue offer any fun activities for adults?

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