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How To Throw A Laser Tag Birthday Party

Finding birthday parties ideas can be a daunting task. Year after year, you have to come up with fun party ideas, just because it puts an excited smile on your children’s faces, a smile that you want to witness for as long and as often as possible.

A laser tag birthday party is easy to organize, and it is fun for everyone involved. You’ll only have to pick a time, date and we’ll do the rest.


Laser Tag Birthday Party Ideas


If you are looking for ideas how to throw a laser tag party, we can help. We’ve overseen thousands of successful, fun parties.


It all starts with choosing a birthday party place near you. There are a lot of options, of course, but once you narrow it down to the facilities that have a laser tag arena, it is going to be a lot easier to choose.

Next, go through an elimination process, according to your wishes and requirements:


  • Does the facility offer other activities besides laser tag?
  • Do you need a private birthday party room?
  • Can you bring your own cake?
  • How many people can you make a reservation for?
  • Are there entertaining activities for the adults as well?


There are very few places that answer yes to all the questions, especially to the last one. Play and Spin is one of the few Chicago area Family Entertainment Centers that offer activities for all ages.


Laser tag is one of the few games that are entertaining for all ages. It is mainly because laser tag is a combination between team sports, video games and strategy application. People that play it on a regular basis say that it is incredibly energizing and a good team building activity that bridges even the gap across generations.


Birthday Party Supplies


A lot of people ask us what kind of supplies they need to bring for a laser tag party. The answer is that we will take care of all the big stuff. Of course, you can put the final touch with these party ideas:


Choose A Theme


Hobbies and preferences change with age. From Baby Shark and Dora the Explorer to Roblox and Kingdom Hearts, from soccer and cheerleading to science and sci-fi everyone’s tastes are different. Once you know what the birthday boy or girl likes, it gets a lot easier:

  • Design a birthday cake with that theme, or with a combo between laser tag and the chosen theme. There are plenty of bakeries and grocery stores (such as Jewel Osco and Mariano’s) in the Chicago area that will help you with the design and even print your own custom picture on the cake
  • Stick with just a few colors. You can use these colors on the cake, for balloons and even for laser tag face paint.
  • Design table centerpiece(s) that follow the same theme. It can also be a combination between your chosen theme and a laser tag theme, as well.
  • Do not forget the cupcakes. They can add a nice touch to any party and they are very easy to decorate.
  • Print your own supplies. There are a lot of ideas and templates that can be found online, such as for party flags, cupcake wrappers, centerpieces, banners and signs.
  • Get some laser tag themed party favors.


Choose The Invitations


We offer our own birthday party invitation, or you can design and print laser tag customized invitations using services such as VistaPrint and Canva.


What To Wear To A Laser Tag Birthday Party


The easy answer is whatever you like.


However, since the game involves some light to moderate physical activity, you should choose clothing that will allow the participants freedom of movement and that are sweat absorbing. Also, keep in mind that light colors will make you that much more visible in the arena.


Once again, you can also consider some face paint, just because it is so much fun and helps you fly the colors of your team.


Laser Tag Birthday Party Cost


At Play And Spin, you can opt for laser tag starting with the Orange Birthday Package. The cost is $21.99+ and it includes 2-6 attractions, 60 game credits, 2 hours of unlimited video game playing, a soft drink with free refill and 2 slices of 1-topping pizza.  That is quite a bit of fun packed into a very affordable, 2-hour package.


How To Make Your Party Memorable


There a just a few things you need to do to make your laser tag party the awesomest of the awesome:


  • Plan in advance. Call us 6-8 weeks in advance and send out the invitations 3-5 weeks before the party
  • Ask questions. If there is anything that you need clarified or if you have additional questions, including custom requests, do not hesitate to contact us
  • Choose between our main hall and a private birthday party room
  • Build up excitement, it’s going to be great
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